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10 Tips for Getting Your Money’s Worth on Fiverr.com

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A Warhol-inspired graphic I ordered on Fiverr.com to illustrate a blog post on content marketing.

A Warhol-inspired graphic I ordered on Fiverr.com for $5.00 to illustrate a blog post on content marketing.

The internet is amazing. Yes, you can easily get sucked into the dark side of Kardashian PR ploys and cute kittens, but business innovations are abundant. Take Fiverr.com, the marketplace where anyone can buy or sell services (“gigs”) for $5.00–what Fiverr calls The Gig Economy.

You know that Facebook business page you’ve been wanting to put up? Fiverr.com will design it for you for $5.00. That Pinterest graphic? Fiverr. “Explainer” video to put on your home page? Fiverr. Photoshop the background out of an image? Create a quickie logo? Only $5.00 at Fiverr.com! Incredible!

Why is this a business? No clue why people would do anything for a mere $5.00. But that’s just me. People do it, and you can leverage their talents to make your marketing dollars go further.

Before I tell you my top 10 tips for ordering gigs on Fiverr, though, here are several fun gigs I’ve ordered:

  • * A tea leaf reading for my 16yo niece who was heavy into performing at the Rennaissance Fair at the time
  • * Birthday postcards sent from Italians in 5-6 cities for my friend who had to cancel her 60th birthday trip to Italy
  • * The Warhol-inspired graphic of Ernest Hemingway above to illustrate a blog post on modern content marketing

Still skeptical? Why? It’s ONLY $5.00! But here are my top tips to get you your money’s worth!

1. Browse by category for fun, but shop by keywords to actually find people to hire. It’s entertaining to see what everyone is offering and you can spend hours looking at all the fun gigs. But if you’re ready to order, type what you want in the search box, such as “Facebook header graphic” or “infographic.”

2. Pick gigs from people who speak your native language. Fiverr is global. The downside to $5.00 is that you can’t talk to your giggers; you can only message them within Fiverr. So good communication is critical to getting the end result you want. If you speak English, you’ll have fewer communication issues with other English-as-a-first-language speakers. Look for the country flag on each gig.

I think therefore I am graphic

Another Fiverr.com banner ad I requested

3. Order the same gig from 3-5 different people. It’s only $5.00! So spend $15 to get choices and shorten your learning curve on how to communicate what you want. You may find one or more gig providers you want to use again.

4. Message before you order. It’s a good way to see how responsive your gigger will be and to get a feel for how your gigger thinks about the gigs he offers.

5. Read reviews; browse portfolios. I look for a lot of reviews and a lot of examples. It’s easy to fake a few of each (even tho Fiverr polices pretty well). It’s not easy to fake a lot of jobs and good reviews.

6. Offer tips in advance for good service. TIPS used to mean “to insure prompt service,” and they were offered in advance. In your initial message, say, “I’ll give you a $5.00 tip if you can finish this by noon tomorrow” or “I’ll tip you an extra $5.00 if I can make an additional round of changes if necessary.” Some giggers offer tips as part of their gigs, but everyone likes an extra incentive. For busy giggers, it’s a way to make your gig stand out from the rest.

7. Give giggers a chance to correct whatever you don’t like before you leave a review for them. It’s only fair, and besides, you’re only paying $5.00! Good reviews are currency for gigs to get promoted in the Fiverr search results, something all giggers want to achieve.

8. Don’t be stingy, leave a nice review! Be specific about what you liked so the next buyer can better evaluate the same gig provider.

9. Don’t be sucked in by “too good to be true.” Yes, $5.00 is too good to be true. But avoid gigs like “I’ll get you 1 million Twitter followers” and “1,000 Facebook likes.” That’s a waste of a good $5.00.

10. Don’t use Fiverr if you’re a perfectionist. IT’S ONLY $5.00, so you won’t get Michaelangelo-quality work. But if you use it for the right gigs, you can cover a lot of ground in a short period of time (ie., “done is better than perfect”). By that I mean use Fiverr for banner graphics for CTAs, landing pages, quick logo ideas, easy videos, ebook or white paper covers, and fun personal gigs. You get a lot of entertainment value from your $5.00, in addition to a fun way to outsource.

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  1. I read your article and tried Fiverr! My first experience was totally satisfactory. I wanted a business Face Book page created. The creator I used did it on time. Her communication was great and the FB page looks very professional. I intend to use her for other gigs. Apparently she works on other platforms such as Twitter.

    Thank you for this article and this tip.


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