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3 Must-Have Drip Marketing Campaigns for Manufacturers

Sales Has Changed…Have You?

Everyday when you show up at work, you know the same sales activities are going to happen:

  • New Prospects Submit RFPs
  • Someone Wants an On-Site Sales Call
  • You Field Questions or Rebids on Sent Quotes
  • A New Customer Places an Order
  • You Lose a Hot Order To the Competition
  • Good Customers Vanish from your Radar
  • You come back from a trade show with a mountain of cards and don’t know what to do with them
  • Trade show leads are buried under a pile of other priorities

If your sales staff or sales reps are running lean and mean, hot prospects often fall through the cracks before you have time to follow up.

We’ve narrowed down the top 3 must-have drip marketing campaigns for manufacturers. Read, copy, paste to deploy. Once they’re up and running, you’ll never again lose an opportunity to write new orders.