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5 Things That Will Doom Your Drip Marketing

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Is your drip marketing campaign doomed?Drip marketing can be a catalyst or a bridge to the next step in your sales process. Or it can be a license to spam uncontrollably, resulting in high numbers of opt outs and low to no engagement.  Here are 5 things to avoid in your drip marketing campaign:

  1. Not enough emails – Ideally you’ve  set up at least 7 drip campaigns to educate prospective buyers who are in the top, middle, and bottom of your sales funnel.  To keep up with in everyone who’s already in your database, you need their email address. But to reach the maximum number of contacts in your database, you  need fresh, accurate email addresses. Consider a 1-time email address append service that matches your customer database to a national (US and Canada) business and consumer email database. You pay only for appended emails (from 15%-30% will match) and you can also replace addresses that have bounced.
  2. No links – Links are the currency of drip marketing.  No links =  no trackability.  No tracking, no accountability. So what should you link to?  Read on.
  3. Not enough calls to action (CTAs) on your website – The best links (for you) send your readers back to your website, specifically to targeted landing pages with compelling CTAs, increasing your web traffic and letting readers browse your portfolio of offerings. Marketing software company Hubspot recommends having 40 or more CTAs on your website in order to optimize readers’ attention once they arrive on your website. More CTAs = more traffic and sales leads.
  4. Too much HTML – Drip marketing messages should look like you sat down at your keyboard and composed a personal note to one person. In Outlook, that’s usually in plain text format.  HTML is the opposite of personal. In fact, it screams, “I’m trying to sell you something.” Easy delete for the reader.
  5. It’s all about me – not! – Drip campaigns work best when they’re used to educate and entertain. That’s hard to do that when you only talk about yourself.  Don’t be boring. Teach something instead.

Not everyone  who visits your website is ready to buy from you “now,” especially if what you sell is a complex product or service or requires multiple approvals with in your buyer’s organization. If you map the questions that prospects ask most often to each stage of your sales process, you’ll have enough brain food to create powerful drip marketing content that readers will actually look forward to receiving. That keeps the sales process moving. And that’s what keeps your campaigns alive.

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  1. It should always be about your customers and their needs! Don’t just talk about how awesome you are; show your customers how what you offer can actually make their lives better.

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