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7 Ways To Use Drip Marketing in Your Business

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7 Ways To Use Drip Marketing in Your Business

Some people call it drip marketing. You may have also heard it called:

  • marketing automation
  • lead nurturing
  • stay in touch marketing
  • follow-up marketing

They’re all code names for the same thing: a well-thought-out automated sequential messaging system that interacts consistently with individual prospects at their right time, with the right message in real time.

The goal is self-education when prospects are most receptive to learning about your product or service.

The byproduct is building trust: You’re helping them move from a state of curiosity at the top of the sales funnel to becoming ready-to-buy at the bottom of the sales funnel.

You likely have several business triggers where automated follow-up would enhance your sales process and convert more customers. So we made you a cheat sheet of the most common ones where drip marketing is a proven success strategy

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