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Need ACT Help? ACT Software Training

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Get ACT! Training From a Certified ACT! Professional Trainer

Why Wait for Success? Accelerate Your Sales & Marketing Action Plan Today!

ACT! is home for your company’s #1 asset: Your customer database. The more you know about how to manage your contacts and build relationships with personalized email marketing and drip marketing, the quicker you’ll meet your business goals.

The Database Diva helps you turn your ACT! Software database investment into an asset with a multiplier.

“ACT! Everyday”

I just wanted to thank you for be so patient with us during training. This is a lot of info. But you did a great job on trying to cram as much as you could in a short time and still make it understandable. I put you into ACT! as a contact, and went through ACT to e-mail you this note! But, I really just wanted to say THANK YOU! — John Willen

Who Should Take This ACT! Training Class:

  • New ACT! users who want to get up and running quickly
  • ACT! Database Administrators
  • Experienced users who want to explore all productivity, database marketing and management features in the latest version of ACT! Software
  • Users of prior versions, including ACT! Classic, such as ACT! 6.0, ACT! 5.0, ACT! 4.0) may also take this course. Version feature changes are identified.)

Learn the fundamentals of managing a customer and prospect database, including:

  • Scheduling activities on a shared calendar
  • Recording notes and history
  • Printing labels and envelopes
  • Creating daily backups
  • Database check and repair

What You Should Know After Taking this ACT! Training Class:

  • Basic understanding of how to use ACT! as an electronic Rolodex
  • How to use ACT!’s menu bar options
  • How to use the CONTACTS menu options
  • How and where to enter contact information and find it again using basic lookups
  • Foundational experience with ACT!’s features and navigation to satisfy the prerequisite for enrolling in the advanced ACT! sales and marketing special topics classes

Please Note: This is a required course for enrollment in The Database Diva’s advanced ACT! Software training classes.

Click here for the ACT! Class Curriculum

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