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Contact Management Database Marketing Training Workshops

For Business Owners and Sales Executives
Who Already Maintain a Customer Database…

Best-Selling Database Marketing Downloads

1. How To Create Enticing Emails that Sell – My new CD or MP3 walks you step-by-step thru setting up sales-generating email campaigns. Templates and a great cheat sheet are included.

2. Create a Continuous Flow Of Qualified Eager Buyers, Without Wasting $$ on AdvertisingHow good is your follow-up? This program covers how to use direct mail postcards, fax blasts (yes, can be legal), and email in drip marketing follow-ups.

3. 5 Greatest Publicity Tips from a PR Pro – ACT user and PR Maven, Iris Salsman, shares her best secrets on how to gain media attention

4. Fighting the Evil-Doers – 4 horror stories and how to be victorious in the battle to protect your ACT database and your network

5. Make a Million with Your Mailing ListThe 6 most common mistakes people make with their lists and how to avoid them

6. 30 Do or Die Rules for Data Entry and Database Management How NOT to ruin a perfectly good database

7. ACT Database Style eBook – the companion documentation to the program above

8. How To Create a Sales Process and Build Your Pipeline to Turbo-Charge Your SellingKnow definitively where you are in the sales process from your customer’s point of view…not yours

9. Your Life on PDA How to make any smart phone synchronize to a single calendar and database (Outlook or ACT).

10. Direct Mail Copywriting – Tips, tricks and templates for writing sales letters in 20 minutes or less.

Order now; almost all products are downloadable so you’ll have instant access! (Put the MP3s on your IPod and learn while you lounge!)

To your success,

Lori Feldman, The Database Diva