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Get More Web Leads by Adding More Web Forms

By on Oct 15, 2013 in Email Marketing | 0 comments

Growing a list of eager buyers is top priority for most website marketers. To do that you need lots of workhorse offers (more offers = more leads), landing pages and easy to complete lead-capture forms. One tip for getting more web leads is to get web visitors to finish completing more landing page web forms. Try making your submit buttons more appealing. For...

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Evaluating the Opt-Out Rate of your Email Marketing

By on Apr 29, 2013 in Email Marketing | 0 comments

Are you emailing your list too much? Not enough? Either extreme can result in a higher than average opt-out rate, eliminating your ability  to use that channel to communicate with your list. What’s an *average* opt out rate? Email marketing company Constant Contact reserves the right to “fire you” if you have too many opt outs, although they’re not clear about how...

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