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What Do You Want To Know about Marketing Automation?

Grow Your Business with Marketing Automation:

You know how to make money in your business. Demand that your sales and marketing software won’t make you compromise your systems or complicate everyone’s lives!

Marketing automation software should be smarter than you are. It should alert you automatically when prospects’ online behavior indicates they’re hot enough to buy–or it should keep sending them tantalizing content (“right message, right person, right time”) to nurture them until they are.

Software that helps you automate your business should also be easy to use. If a 2 year old can learn how to navigate a mobile device, you should be able to react to your business triggers with laser-focused follow-up auto-responders, drip marketing campaigns and web tracking reports without breaking a sweat.

Each “The Database Diva” team member has been a leading CRM and marketing automation consultant for more than 15 years. We continually review emerging marketing software platforms to monitor where the market is going.

It’s not easy to pass our sniff test for

  • Simplicity
  • Functionality and
  • Reasonable subscription pricing

We even review “wanna-be” CRM, email and marketing automation software. For example, did you know the Chrome browser extension features over 251 “marketing automation” providers? Just because someone wakes up in the morning and says, “What the world needs is another email service provider,” doesn’t mean enough people will vote with their pocketbook for them to create a viable business offering. Do your due diligence. Find out who’s been properly funded. Who has a sustainable install base–before you transfer your valuable data to them.

Or ask for our opinion. We’ve probably already reviewed their offering.