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How To Become a Swiftpage Email Super Hero in 3 Months or Less

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When I started our advanced SwiftpageConnect training series over 3 years ago, I wanted to share the Swiftpage email and drip marketing strategies that helped my company go from local to international stardom (!) as one of the top Swiftpage resellers worldwide. I knew if we could do it for The Database Diva, operating in a highly competitive marketing space, we could help any Swiftpage subscriber master e-marketing and give his company an unfair advantage over his competition. Recently, every time I check our bi-weekly registration list, I...

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Follow Up on Email Opt-Outs Using Gmail Canned Responses

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If you’re like me, you take email opt-outs personally. My go-to reaction is, “what do you mean you don’t want to be on my list anymore to read my amazing, life-altering, revenue-enhancing, database marketing ideas???” My second reaction is, “There must be some mistake.” I work hard to deliver educational and entertaining information to my followers. And I receive great feedback regularly that tells me I’m on track. Sadly, though, marketing can be like this Pinterest quote: If you publish the right...

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Suffering from Permission-Email CASL Anxiety? Your Prospecting May Be DOA Already

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Sometimes I get questions that beg for a blog post response because so many people want the same answer. This one, from a Canadian marketer on my list who asked me how to collect permission-based emails that complied with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) was my inspiration for today’s post. He asked me to give a webinar on “emailing in a time of CASL” and I said, “no one will come.” Here’s his request and my answer. “Lori, thanks for your email, downloads and webinars. “I bought my CRM for...

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Top 4 in our Sales Marketing Stack

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There’s the sales and marketing stack we use in our company. Then there’s the stack we use for client work. We are confirmed software agnostics who believe that whatever you’ve got, if it’s working for you, it’s good enough for us. But we are human; we do have favorites. And, since you’re here, we’re happy to share our sales marketing stack with you. Our Favorite Marketing Automation/Email /CRM Software Hatchbuck  is an affordable all-in-one CRM and email marketing system that handles all your sales...

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How “Little Data” Competes with “Big Data” in CRMs

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In big companies, big data is all over the place: multiple product channels, multiple websites, various transactional systems. It’s very hard for them to get their arms around the continuing flow of often contradictory customer information without huge, expensive data warehouses and highly paid analysts. For example, a customer may use a social media login credential with one email address to make her first website purchase. Then she may use a different name and email to sign up for daily deals from the same company. Which channel gets...

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Marketing Automation Is a Business Systematizer

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This is my favorite coffee shop in St. Louis. I drive there several times a week for my mocha latte fix, even though it’s out of the way and I pass several Starbucks. The morning baristas always make me the *perfect* cuppa Joe: just the right temperature, not too sweet. Now that they have video on the drive-thru order board, they recognize me, then tell me my order before I have to say it. But I never go to this Cafe after 1pm. After that, if I need caffeine, I go to Starbucks–even though it’s my second choice. Makes me sad,...

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Why We *Suddenly* Changed our Business Model

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A little over 2 months ago, The Database Diva partnered with Ken Quigley of Keystroke Quality Computing, to take over our: ACT Software sales and ACT Technical Support, including our active ACT support contracts The hand off has been a very smooth transition (as many of our clients have reported back!) Todd Viau, our VP of Technology, is even helping Ken during the transition. Many of you commented how pleased you were that you still got to work with him to resolve your ACT problems. So why would we *suddenly* change our business model so...

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Was your daughter killed in a car crash? Database marketers want to know

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You never know when you might be able to profit from someone else’s tragedy, after all.   Lori Feldman‘s insight: In the early 80s, before massive “Do Not Mail” legislation took effect, I was often asked in my job as a list broker for lists of widows and divorcees. Financial companies wanted these names to market their “rollover” services. Death information was compiled from the USPS’s “deceased database” which was, essentially, a change-of-address form completed by the widow....

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What a Messy Desk Says About You

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It can be a good idea to clean up your desk. But not if you’re looking to be creative. (See the full article on well.blogs.nytimes.com)   Lori Feldman‘s insight: At times when I’ve “cleaned my desk” (or hired Cathy Sexton to “get me organized,”), I’ve relaxed in an ahhh state for, oh, about a week. Then the overwhelming urge to de-stack and spread out comes over me again. Finally, the University of Minnesota validated my fundamental belief that chaos and mess do drive natural creativity. Its...

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What’s the Best Way To Build My Customer List?

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I wondered how long it would take after the new year started to be asked the question I get asked most often–and for which my advice is most often ignored. Answer: One day. I was asked today. In fact, I’m writing this article so I can point people here when they ask me everyday for the next 363 days. The question: “What’s the best way to build my customer list?” There are hundreds of ways you can build your list if you don’t need customers today…and very few ways that work if you do (pay per click may...

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