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A Perfect Case for Drip Marketing

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Gay Shelton, CSA

Gay Shelton, CSA Software

CSA Software Solutions provides fund accounting and utility billing software to small cities and utility companies. Gay Shelton is “the sales and marketing department” and does all the prospecting, too.

Here’s Gay’s drip marketing success story…

“The selling cycle is very slow for our market, averaging about 2 years. I realized I had to get organized and find a time-saving way to stay in touch with my prospects over those 24 months.

“Through searching the internet, I began to follow The Database Diva for their helpful email marketing articles, and I launched my first content marketing project.

“My first step was to write the emails…and that’s where I stayed for months and months.

“I had very little time to spend on these emails and very little confidence that my email content was being opened and read by my prospects. I knew I needed help!

“The Database Diva took my ideas and put them into content I could never have come up with myself. They helped me launch the drip and answered any questions I had while I was learning to take full advantage of the follow-up call reports I received after the messages were sent.

“Because of their help, I now have tweaked some of the drips and started new drip campaigns. If you don’t have the time or confidence to write good drip content…stop wasting your time, and let The Database Diva do it for you!”

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