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How To Become a Swiftpage Email Super Hero in 3 Months or Less

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When I started our advanced SwiftpageConnect training series over 3 years ago, I wanted to share the Swiftpage email and drip marketing strategies that helped my company go from local to international stardom (!) as one of the top Swiftpage resellers worldwide. I knew if we could do it for The Database Diva, operating in a highly competitive marketing space, we...

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Marketing Automation Is a Business Systematizer

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This is my favorite coffee shop in St. Louis. I drive there several times a week for my mocha latte fix, even though it’s out of the way and I pass several Starbucks. The morning baristas always make me the *perfect* cuppa Joe: just the right temperature, not too sweet. Now that they have video on the drive-thru order board, they recognize me, then tell me my...

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