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Shortcuts To Marketing Success in 2014

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You know the old story about prisoners yelling out jokes by number because everyone has been in the stir for so long that they know them all by heart? For example, someone yells out “47,” and it gets a huge laugh. “I love that one!” another prisoner yells out. Well, here are the only 10 shortcuts you need to plan an awesome marketing outcome...

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Top 10 Database Resolutions for 2014

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Looking for a few good resolutions that have nothing to do with diet, exercise, or love? One or more of these will actually make you money! 10.  I’ll learn how to segment my database so I stop blasting everyone on my email list (annoying!) and begin matching the right message to the right customer. 9.  I will publish my e-newsletter at least once a month. I...

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Be a Q4 Sales Ninja with a Sales Follow-Up Drip Marketing Campaign

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Ever since the very first recorded sales call, sales reps, sales managers, business owners and sales trainers have tried to perfect the sales process. The sales call is the championship arena, when honing the sales process and all that sales training really pays off. Sales people shine when they’re in full salesmanship glory in front of a qualified prospect....

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