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Capture Compelling Content Ideas with a Swipe File

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Compelling content. You know it when you see it. In fact you read it (scan it) because it’s too tempting not to.

My favorite “man bites dog” stories are ones where something unusual and unexpected happens. Like getting swallowed by a hippo.

Here are 2 technology tips for how to collect great content ideas to help you capture and write more compelling content more often.

Now that we’re all self-publishers of content creation for blog articles, newsletters, and social media updates to get more eyeballs to our websites and to become industry experts, it’s time to start a “swipe file” if you haven’t already.

A swipe file is a collection of tested and proven marketing messages, article formulas (checklists, before/after, personal story) and favorite titles (how to’s, 5 ways, etc.)…and they don’t need to be from your own line of business. In fact, some of the most compelling ideas will come from finding completely unrelated ideas.

My favorite way to collect content ideas is with Evernote, a free app that syncs files on your mobile device with your PC. I also use a phone app called Pocket to “stage” URL clips before saving them permanently into my Evernote filing system (sometimes it’s easier to Pocket than to Evernote on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone).

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  1. Thanks for reminding me to start using Evernote. What a great idea.

    Pocket does not have an app for Windows Phones, yet. 🙁


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