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We Write Content that Drives More Leads

Most under-performing content suffers from “we-we-itis.” That’s when too much of your content marketing is all about me, myself, I, we, and ours (like the headline on this page). Customers simply don’t care about “you” until they know, like, and trust you, and see how your products and services help them.

A little bit of “all about us” is ok, even necessary. But prospects want thought leadership, problem resolution and entertainment. If you can get your content to illicit a comment, click a link, submit an inquiry, or a share a story–that’s prospect engagement–and it’s lead generation for you.

The Database Diva’s expert journalists and copywriters interview you and your customers to find your unique selling proposition. Then we optimize the entire buyer’s journey with custom content created from those interviews. This is the content we use to build your sales funnels, create paid social media messaging, launch drip marketing campaigns, and position you as a thought leader in your industry. And it drives predictable results.

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