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Could Your Business Be the Next YouTube Video Star?

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Feeling pressured by the new Google changes to create mountains of content to stay at the top of the search engines? Relax. Clickable, sharable, actionable content is “in you.”

Here are 4 examples.

Bethany Mota was a tween in 2009 when she started her YouTube channel to share her haul videos. Today she’s a business phenom with more than 9 million YouTube subscribers, a feature article in the WSJ and one of 3 “YouTube Stars” invited to interview President Obama in a live Google-sponsored video.

Hank Green, eco-scientist and a co-interviewer, is brother to John Green, YA author. Together they are the Vlog Brothers on YT (2.6 million subscribers) who sold out Carnegie Hall in 2 days, carry the awesome torch for Nerdfighteria, founded VidCon (20,000+ attendance this year) and helped launch the YT careers of at least 16 other content providers, including Sexplanations with a licensed clinical sex therapist (more than 16 million views).

But you’re not a teenager or 30-something. You have a business to run. Exactly. You Tube celebrity may still be for you.

Siblings Alan Doan and Sarah Galbraith were named US Small Business Administration’s 2015 Small Business of the Year after growing their revenues from $1.7 million in 2011 to $10 million in 2013. They also became the largest employer in their small town of Hamilton, MO, with more than 180 employees.

They did it by making their mom, Jenny Doan, an international quilting celebrity on YouTube (265,000 subs). Missouri Star Quilting Company sells pre-cut fabrics for quilting and Jenny demonstrates quilting techniques on most of the company’s free video tutorials.

Jason Calcanis (79,000 subs) launched his YT channel to interview up and coming tech stars in the start-up world and has even attracted sponsors like MailChimp, Audible and Bing.

Think you have a “face for radio?” Doesn’t matter; you can still lead a movement–or at least your industry–if you have a passionate belief, talent, product or service–and a persuasive way to express your ideas. And you’ll be in good company: 79% of the Fortune Global 100 have a branded YouTube channel.

YouTube rewards you by giving your video content top billing in search engines. Embed your videos in email, and your opens and clicks increase, driving more traffic to your website. Smartphone owners watch videos on their devices an average of 2.68 days per week, for 14 minutes per day.

You may not earn 1 million YouTube subscribers, but you likely don’t need that many in your business to increase web traffic and provide sharable content to become known as your industry’s expert. So get out your iPhone or Android (or set up a “studio“) and start shooting. B2B video marketing is still a ground-floor opportunity and it’s still free to post to a YT channel!

(And, for those of  you in the know…#wallofcow.)

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