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Lori, I read all your emails! This is one of your best emails yet. It is loaded with great tips and articles. Feel free to quote me. (Thanks for all your info. I think I’ve been to several of your classes.) Thank you – Ted Pierce, Insta Lease

If you ever said, “Why does lead generation and getting new sales have to be so complicated? How can I make my database tell ME who my highest-value prospects and customers are?”

Then sign up for my Database Marketing Hotwire. It’s where I share my proven tips for how to…

  • Identify your hottest prospects–not by their demographics, but–by their tell-tale online behavior (like clicking links, visiting certain pages on your website, or coming back for a second look later on.)
  • Spend more of your valuable time with motivated buyers who consider you the obvious expert in your field, not a pesky salesperson
  • Generate more leads from higher-value prospects who appreciate you
  • Segment your database to find “riches in niches.” (Stop treating everyone the same…some contacts are worth your time, some aren’t; really).
  • Write compelling digital copy so your marketing messages connect with true prospects. (You’re not still relying on “outbound” sales tactics, like “pounding the pavement” or “dialing for dollars,” are you? Stop that! That’s what database marketing is for!)
  • Case studies of how other companies are using marketing automation and drip marketing campaigns to uplevel their revenue.

If you don’t optimize your database marketing, I guarantee you’re leaving $$ on the table. Subscribe to my drip tips now using the form on this page, and you’ll receive your first one tomorrow.

Give me 30 days. If I don’t help you re-imagine your business in a new light, opt out.

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Lori Feldman, aka "The Database Diva"

Lori Feldman, aka “The Database Diva”
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