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How can I dial out of ACT! using my Skype account?

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Since Skype places calls through the Internet, you can set up a new phone number field called “Skype Number” in ACT! with the field property type set to “URL.” When data entering the phone number in the contact’s record, type callto://+ then the country code, then the phone number.

For example, our phone number is +13144854350, so in the Skype Number field, you would enter callto://+13144854350. The number is automatically created with a blue hyperlink.

Finally, to the right of the phone number field you’ll see a button with three dots. Click that button and set the correct country code (for example, 1 for US, 44 for the UK, etc.) Next time you want to call this contact, click on the Skype Number field. Skype will open and begin dialing your call. We’ve only tested this on the newer versions of ACT! 2005, ACT! 2006, ACT! 2007, ACT! 2008 and ACT! 2009. But it should also work on ACT! 6.0 and ACT! 5.0 too.


  1. Lori,
    First , let me say thanks for the webinar yesterday, WOW! learned a lot.
    Today I tried the Skype number field in Act 2009. Soooooo Cool.
    Now I can call out on the road from the laptop with out those outragious phone charges.

    Act is such an amazing animal. Thanks

    • DOn’t you mean Skype is an amazing animal?

      Sage also sells an add-in for Act and turn all number into clickable links, and when you get a call in skype it opens that person in Act.


      • I would love to see this working. I am hungry, really hungry to be able to use ACT! and call my contacts from it using Skype instead of keeping another database of contacts on Skype.
        If ACT! has this add-in available, why don’t they promote it a little bit more? I receive dozens of emails inviting me to update to ACT! XXX and all I look for is the Skype button. They don’t display it and I delete the email.
        If anybody has more info on the subject please let me know.
        THanks a bunch 🙂


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