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Ditch Me-Me-Itis with Business Email Marketing

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Give a man a hammer, and everything looks like a nail. Email marketing campaign software often has the same effect on novice email marketers. They forget how much they hate advertising mail when they start sending it out themselves. Business email marketing can be a force for good or it can be a force for evil. You have the power. Use it wisely.


  1. A very valuable point not only for email marketing but all marketing campaigns.

  2. A valid point with a touch of humor – thanks! Sadly, these people appear to be peers working in a vacuum. Where is Solomon when you need him? 🙂 The decision to blast in this fashion probably should be escalated to someone in management who can make the wise and rational decision to rethink the plan.

  3. So true. If you don’t clearly state what’s in it for customers, you are missing the boat.

    Howard Gross

  4. So true. So sad. I’m in the nonprofit world and it’s even worse. Sigh.


  5. Perfect message just in time for the holidays.
    Thanks for putting that together.

    Kris Dougherty

  6. I especially love it when he rubs his hands together in a sinister way. This is great….but ohh so true with many companies out there. Get ready for the inbox assault.

  7. Pertinent and poignant; how many times have we all been ‘blasted’ by me me me broadcasts? Then again, if we look closely, I bet we’re all guilty of falling into the same trap…

    Show your audience the value, how they can benefit and more importantly, how they get there.
    Simple really.

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