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Does Drip Marketing Work?

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My entertainment of the day today was a call from a prospective customer who told me his business has been down for several years, and he was ready to try something new to get more sales. He asked if drip marketing really works.

I said, how did you find me?” He answered–without any sense of awareness or irony– “I’ve been on your list getting your emails for years.”

Good News, Bad News

Customers don’t buy because we want them to. They’re on their own time frame. The good news is Forrester Research says 67% of the buyer’s journey is now done online.

The bad news is, your toughest sales challenge may be to “de-program” wrong conclusions from all of that online research. IF you even have the chance to have that conversation. Approximately 98% of web traffic stops by, looks at a few pages, stays anonymous, then leaves. A website that converts 2%-3% of its traffic to a sales lead is impressive.

So Does Drip Marketing Work? Yes, But…

So does drip marketing work to generate more sales leads? Yes, but.

Drip marketing is a long-term, nurture strategy. Not a “one and done” to meet this month’s sales quota. But if you tantalize web visitors with must-have cheat sheets, white papers, check lists, videos, coupons, etc.,  for every stage of your sales pipeline and attach an automated drip marketing response on the back end, you’ll keep them coming back for more until they buy, and you’ll have exponentially more opportunities to engage with them as they’re deciding.

Drip marketing keeps your prospects aligned with your solution set, away from competitors who don’t drip, and able to make better, more informed decisions. That’s a pretty decent definition of “works.” We guarantee it.

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