Drip Marketing Campaign Generates $25,000 Order in 3 Days

Christopher Miller, Artisan Precast

Christopher Miller, Artisan Precast

Last week we got great news from our client, Chris Miller of Artisan Precast, a manufacturer of precast concrete for heavy construction projects. He just deployed his first drip marketing campaign and wanted to tell us his success story. He gave us permission to share the transcript of our conversation…

Chris:    Hey, you know what? I am so excited. You know how I’m always Skyping Stacia (Shinaberry, our VP of Business Development) about how,  Oh this is wrong with the website, we have to change this, we have to tweak this or whatnot? So yesterday I was like, Hey I have some good news for you! Call me!  Let me tell you something exciting.

We got a $25,000 job…

Lori:    Woo-hoo.

Chris:    …And it was only because of the drip campaign–and I’ll tell you why. This person went onto the website and filled out a form. And then, you know, last week I had a new hire and people in from out of town, and…I just didn’t have time to get back to the lead. It totally went by the wayside.

But he got one of the drip marketing emails, and he replied to it, “Chris, I’m waiting for a bid. Send me your  bid.”  I wrapped up the PO and the guy signed it yesterday. It was all done just because of the drip campaign!

I was so excited, because, first of all, I dropped the ball…

Lori:    Yes, we all do that now and then.

Chris:    …But the drip campaign literally picked it up on its own and just pretty much closed the deal for me. I closed the deal the fastest I’ve ever done–within a day. So it was really, really a nice sale for me.

Lori:    How many drip messages do you think he got? Just the one or two?

Chris:    You know what, I think he replied to the second one actually. He emailed in on Thursday of last week. So I’m sure he got two.

Lori:    Yes, because he would have gotten the auto-responder immediately, and then one the next day.

Chris:    Yeah. Yeah, exactly. But yeah, I was really excited about it. It just came in, and I was like, “Wow, okay, that thing literally just paid for itself.”  Yea!

I wanted to take time to tell you guys that this is great. It’s exciting, and I mean just seeing that happen yesterday, I was like, “You know what? I’ve got to tell The Database Diva. They need to know.”

Lori:    Oh thank you so much, Chris. I’m happy for you, and it’s just the first of many!

Chris:    Yeah, I should have done this long ago. I’ve been getting so many replies from people just writing me back; it’s good, and I am excited.

Lori:    Because you are in a very relationship-oriented business. Your clients are always on deadline and everybody is competitive in your industry. But they still want to know there is a human there.

Chris:    Exactly. It’s really great. I’m really happy with everything you all are doing.  I don’t know how it is in your business, but in our business it’s like no news is good news. When I get a call, it’s only about a problem going on. So I never get a call like this about something good!

So I just wanted to say thanks for everything you all are doing. It’s paying off. It’s a very easy way to measure the ROI, and I am very happy.

Lori Feldman