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Drip Marketing Event – St. Louis

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What will you do differently this year to offset the unacceptable possibility that 2009’s sales will be down?

Have you committed to ONE NEW BIG IDEA and refused on principle to go down without a fight? Or are you one of the “wait and see” frozen companies planning to time machine past 2009 and go directly to 2010?

Continue reading ONLY if you’re in the first group

You can control your company’s financial destiny. On Feb. 4, 2009, I am hosting a 2-hour workshop on how you can find a minimum of 10% more sales revenue without hiring more staff, spending on advertising or increasing inventory.

Note: This event is about how to make money with your customer database using drip marketing. . If you’ve already invested in ACT Software or another CRM tool, now you can find out how to put this asset to work making deposits into your bank account.

Here is my definition of drip marketing: A strategy to create stronger, more loyal business relationships by staying in touch with customers and prospects via engaging, consistent and educational communications–sent automatically from your contact database.

This is where the rubber meets the road. No more hand-wringing, no more gazing into crystal balls, no more listening to 24-hour news that makes you feel worse about 2009. I will show you actionable steps you can take in your business right now that will dramatically and positively affect your bottom line each month of implementation because inherent in the process is a compounding effect.

Do NOT register for this event unless you’re prepared
to consider new ideas and put them into action

Some of the discussion items…

  • What is your strategy for “building relationships” inbetween sales to your customers? Are you making the #1 unforgivable mistake that turns customers off forever?
  • How to position yourself as the go-to resource for prospects who need what you sell and have entered the buying process–even if you have a long sales cycle
  • 3 things you must tell every new propsect…after your first meeting, but before the sale is made–but not face to face
  • Take the drip marketing viability quiz – Can your business handle more prospects and referrals?
  • How to download website inquiries into your database automatically
  • How to permanently plug-up the black holes in your follow-up process with prospects, customers and referral opportunities

If you are outside of the St. Louis area and would like an MP3 of this event, please register and it will be sent to you within 10 days.


“You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing

P.S. Drip marketing can be another tactic under the banner of “inbound marketing.” Here’s an hysterical video on why “the calls, direct mail, TV ads, they all failed. And they weren’t getting me anywhere. They don’t work. No! And every time I tried to sell ‘Didja know I was told I should go to hell. Then I cried. Then I cried. And you wondered why…”

Take a peek courtesy of Rebecca Corliss at Hubspot.

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