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Drip Marketing FAQ

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Q – I just changed companies and have more than 100 Swiftpage email marketing templates with my old company info. Do I have to change them all manually to the updated info?

A – Short answer: Yes. Long answer:  If your contact info was typed directly into the body of the template, then you will have to change each template individually. However, if the info is in the CAN-SPAM footer, then you can just change the email footer in your user profile on the My Swiftpage page. The best way to handle this in the future is to build templates that use the SPE Profile mail merge fields. Your updated contact information will always be pulled from your database when the template is published.

Q – I work with educational institutions that go on holidays and vacations at the same time. I’d like to pause my drip marketing campaigns while my contacts are off-campus so they don’t miss any of my messages. How can I do that without a) disrupting the people who are already in the campaign and b) not miss any who sign up for the drip campaign and who would normally be added during this pause?

A – Go to the Campaign Manager in your Swiftpage Drip Marketing tab. Suspend the campaign you want to “pause.” Everyone who is already in the campaign will be “frozen in time” but Swiftpage will remember which message stage they are in when you resume (launch) your campaign again. Anyone who opts in to your drip marketing campaign while it’s suspended will receive the initial PDF download connected to your sign-up form. But they, too, will not get any further messages from you until the campaign is re-launched. When holidays are over and it’s time to launch your campaign again, you will also need to sync to your group to activate your new contacts into the campaign. For more tips on building successful marketing automation or drip marketing campaigns, join our Drip Marketing Camp.

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