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Big 3 Delusions of Drip Marketing Letters – Part 4

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Marketing LettersIt’s Part 4 of the 5-Part series on building lead-generation web forms on your website. Let’s get real. Today’s lesson is The Big 3 Delusions of Drip Marketing Campaigns–the next step in following up with sales leads. Here are the top 3 “no-no’s”:

1. Customers/subscribers/prospects/readers are dying to hear from you. No. They’re. Not. You must have something compelling, educating, enlightening, entertaining to say. Every time. Every message.

2. It’s all about you. No; it’s not. If you’re not solving the readers’ most pressing problem, they’re tuning you out or–worse–opting out. Be personal; be relevant.

Here’s my favorite test: Write your content. Count up the times you wrote “you” or “yours.”

Now go back and count up all the times you wrote “I,” “me,” “my,” “mine,” “we,” “our,” or “ours.”

The ratio should be 2:1. Re-edit as necessary. (I made a funny video about the irresistible urge companies have to self-promote with email marketing. Enjoy.)

3. Cram everything in but the kitchen sink so readers don’t know what you want them to focus on. Nope. Only ONE idea per message–no exceptions. If you’ve got more to say, publish a newsletter. Drip marketing is all about nurturing leads, not talking them to death. (And while I’m on “talking”…lose the corporate-speak; it’s a guaranteed delete button.) Offering too many choices is the virtual equivalent of throwing a bunch of stuff on a wall to see what sticks.

Next week is the 5th and last article in this series on building lead-generation web forms. So if you have a burning question for me, ask me now.

In the meantime, here are 2 easy ways I can help you build more compelling web forms and drip marketing campaigns:

  • Drip Marketing Letters – These are 9 most-used marketing letter blueprint packages to plug-and-play into your marketing automation software. The blueprints include drip marketing campaign strategy and “done for you” sales letters. (I wrote your content for you, so you don’t have to.)
  • DripMarketingCamp – The first drip campaign is the hardest one to launch. So in Camp, I hold your hand over 4 weeks to help you execute one revenue-generating drip marketing campaign of your choice. We cover it all: database segmentation, marketing automation software (doesn’t matter which one you use), content creation, customer surveys, web forms, calls to action, subject lines, metrics and testing. I guide you through the writing of each message using my proprietary drip marketing formula that has generated more than $1 million in new revenue for my clients.

Lastly, if you haven’t yet signed up to receive my free Drip Marketing Letter Blueprint for sending to new customers, download it now by clicking on the blue and white graphic at the top right of this page. (You’ll also get to see how I follow up with my own drip marketing letter campaign.)

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