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Be a Q4 Sales Ninja with a Sales Follow-Up Drip Marketing Campaign

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Drip Marketing Campaign for Sales Follow UpEver since the very first recorded sales call, sales reps, sales managers, business owners and sales trainers have tried to perfect the sales process.

The sales call is the championship arena, when honing the sales process and all that sales training really pays off. Sales people shine when they’re in full salesmanship glory in front of a qualified prospect. But we don’t enjoy the process of  *getting in front of prospects*, especially after they’ve gone into what I call “radio silence.” This is where the sales process typically breaks down.

Sales statistics bear this out. Most sales close after the 6th or 8th contact. But on average, sales people stop following up personally after the 4th try, leading to the aggravating outcome of setting up a competitor for an easy “bluebird” sale from all our hard work. Demoralizing.

The trusted sales process doesn’t typically help with sales follow up. In fact, at any given time, 87% of prospects in our sales pipeline is not in the market to buy right now. So how can we focus on the “needles in the haystack–the profitable 13%?

Drip Marketing

A proposal follow up drip marketing campaign is a proven system for closing more sales in a shorter period of time with less human resources. For example, take the common trigger in every sales organization’s daily activities: the writing of estimates, quotes or RFPs. You send one out and then what? A few “Are you ready yet?” follow up calls and then…typically nothing.

Most of us are pretty good at following up personally for the first 30 days. Maybe even the first 60 days. But what’s the systematized follow-up plan if the prospect puts off a buying decision for 6 months or a year?  Especially when we’re not exactly sure of what the timing will be? How can we guarantee this sales opportunity won’t fall into a black hole?

A sales proposal drip campaign is a multi-step series of timed touches that have the look and feel of a personalized response, as if you sat down at your PC, tablet or phone and fired off a personal message. It’s the “perfect” follow up you would do yourself, if you had time to do it, but you probably don’t.  And if between now and 12 months from now you close the deal, the client can be diverted from a prospecting campaign and placed on a new customer campaign.

Potential To Increase Sales by 10%

Launching this one, simple drip marketing campaign has the potential to increase pipeline sales by at least 10% this quarter. So many sales organizations fall victim to conventional thinking, “We need more sales. Let’s do more of what we’ve always done.” Then they continue to be surprised when they get the same lackluster results.

Drip marketing is easy to implement, but the strategy of what to say and when to say it does take time to think about. That’s why I created my exclusive Monthly Database Marketing Coaching.

Over 6 months, we will work together to perfect your drip for your business.

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