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Recruiting Innovations For Capturing More High-Value Students

Wouldn’t it be great if you could check a crystal ball every time you got a new applicant to “see” whether he or she was going to end up as one of your students?

Crystal balls may be in the future, but right now we’re on the cusp of a technology innovation called “recruitment marketing automation” that marries your website traffic, applicant pool and recruitment process with a prospective student’s online and offline behavior. The result: lots of “big data” insight that tells you whether you should spend more time–or no time–with each applicant.

In this brief webinar, you’ll learn about this new, low cost technology and how it…

* Automatically nurtures each applicant through the decision making process with the right message at the right time
* Responds appropriately to a student’s multiple influencers (parents, peers, teachers/counselors, alums, etc.)
* Shows you at a glance which outreach methods give you the best recruitment ROI (Facebook, AdWords, Retargeting, Website, Alums, Events, etc.)
* Helps you recruit the best students faster

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NOTE: This event will be recorded. All registrants receive a recording and slide deck. So register now, even if you can’t attend live.