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Add More Email Addresses To Your Database

Sales leads without email addresses limit your follow up options and handicap your selling efforts. Without emails, many of your contacts never hear from you, which means you’re missing valuable selling oppt.Match your database contacts against our US/Canadian business and consumer database of complete contact information to add missing email addresses.

  • Add missing email addresses
  • Clean up bounced emails
  • Increase web traffic without relying on expensive pay-per-click and other paid advertising
  • Increase e-newsletter send volume to stay in touch with more prospects and customers
  • Nurture and convert more sales leads into customers
  • 15-30% match rate (ie, input 1000 names, get up to 300 new email addresses:  Typical match rate for consumer date is 15-30% and for business data, 5-15%). Note: your match rate depends on the accuracy of the information you provide us.
  • Pay only for matches
  • Matches are guaranteed deliverable

Calculate the ROI of an Email Append

Here’s a “cocktail napkin” formula for determining the ROI of an email append. Divide your annual sales by the number of active email addresses in your database now.  Then take that “revenue per email address” number and multiply it by 5% of  your no-email list–the minimum match rate of an email append and a minimum estimate of your lost opportunity cost.

ROI Example of Lost Opportunity Cost

Database Size7,500
Contacts without email addresses5,000
Annual Sales$1,500,000
Avg. Revenue per Email Addresses ($1.5mm / 2,500)$600
# New Email Addresses Appended (Based on a 5% Match Rate)250
New Incremental Revenue Potential (250 x $600)$150,000

Pricing (Allow 10 business days for processing)

Business Email Address Append:

Minimum Order: $250.00

Cost per Appended Email Address: 90¢

Consumer Email Address Append:

Minimum Order $150.00

Cost per Appended Email Address: 45¢