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Lead Generation with Hyper-Targeted Email Lists

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Sales LeadsDuring the 90s I ran the Midwest’s largest mailing list brokerage company (outside of Chicago). We sold more than 6 million names a year to companies who needed sales leads and data for direct mail, market research and telemarketing. You don’t get that big without repeat business. Our mailing lists always outperformed our competition’s, and that’s how we sold so many lists.

(In fact, that’s how we ended up getting into the CRM and marketing automation business…but that’s another blog post.)

Enter Digital  Marketing

When the marketplace shifted online in about 2004, the biggest question I got (and still get) was,

“Can you get me lists with email addresses?”

Until today, my answer was always no, even though I could have doubled my list business if I said yes. I had access to millions of email lists. I just made a business decision that I didn’t want to be the source of spamming, which is almost always what my clients wanted to do (or, more precisely, didn’t know how NOT to do).

Then, this week something changed.

Get Information and Pricing on our New Email List Service

I was asked to represent a new “social-sourced” business-to-business (B2B) database provider who compiles data in a way that wouldn’t have been possible just a few years ago. They gather information on more than 225 million B2B professionals from around the world, collecting 35 fields of social data that was posted by the professionals themselves!

This database is the largest and most accurate B2B contact database on the market and includes info like industry, title, company, skills and group affiliations. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Palo Alto Software pay more than a quarter of a million dollars a year for demand generation and to verify if the email addresses they have on their own database is accurate. They keep ordering and reordering…a testament to the success this marketing strategy has been for them.

As a broker/reseller of this email database, I can now offer accurate business email addresses for

  • Hyper-targeted demand generation and lead generation
  • Replacement email addresses for bounced or invalid emails with updated information
  • Verification of existing emails in your current database

Help with “Cold” Email Marketing

Pricing for this new data is volume-based, but you can get an estimate or request a quote on our email list services web page. For a limited time, I’m offering a free “cold prospect” mini-drip campaign for your lead generation outreach when your order totals $1,500 or more.  “Cold” email marketing requires a strategic marketing plan, and that’s what I can help you design and execute effectively so you don’t spam your fresh leads.

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  1. I am really interested in what you have to offer in term sof mailing lists and to work with you to set-up a drip marketing campaign for our business.


    Leonard Reyneke

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