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How To Increase Birthday Party Booking Revenue 25% YOY

Birthday parties can be a significant profit center for family entertainment centers, but few exploit their full potential and max out their party calendars.

The Database Diva works with your event management team to capture (or increase the collection of) birthdate information. We create perpetual self-reporting birthdate campaigns for each of your marketing channels.

Then we design a marketing automation system that nurtures your customers and prospects for 3-8 weeks in advance of their birthdate to plant the idea of booking your venue for their birthday party celebration.

Contacts with freshly collected birthdates have not yet been “over-marketed” like other names in your database may have been. Your party messages arrive at the right time, to the right people and bookings begin immediately.

In previous installations for our event-driven clients, results showed:

  • * Birthdates captured on the website increased from 0% to 35%
  • * Incremental revenue from birthday party bookings improved by 25% within 90 days
  • * Birthday and anniversary weekend bookings at a luxury resort increased 45% year over previous year


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