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Find a New Profit Center

“We serve a very small industry, so we have to be very focused in our marketing efforts,” says Steve Arendt, president of Teeco Solutions, a Midwestern-based manufacturer of tent washer and dryer machines.

Early on, they mailed postcards to their customer database and were rarely consistent. On occasion, they’d send an email blast. Steve’s goal was to have his marketing become much more consistent and to get out from under being solely responsible for the companies marketing activities.

“The Database Diva walked me through the drip marketing process in one of its online classes.  Then I literally left town two different times for a couple of days each to write all my drip marketing campaigns,” Steve said.

“When I came back, the messages were loaded into my marketing automation software, and now somebody manages the entire process for me.  I have great emails going out every night.”

Steve now spends his time refining and defining sub-categories within his database. Database segmentation is a critical component to optimizing customer response.

Steve believes the drip marketing campaign has improved his company’s image with his database. “Because we are a seasonal business, we are just now seeing the results of our drip marketing efforts from last fall. I actually got a consulting job (my first one ever) because the client liked my drip marketing messages so much!”