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Personalize Your Follow-Up Letters – Part 3

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Sales Follow up LettersThis is  Part 3 of my 5-article series on how to build lead-generating web forms. In this article I want to discuss the importance of relevant follow up.

Have you ever submitted a web form and gotten a canned reply that had absolutely nothing to do with what you thought you signed up for?

That’s laziness, IMHO.

(I guess it could also be incompetent technology. But the answer to a follow-up challenge is not automating your incompetency!)

If you’re on board with the whole idea of adding more web forms to your website to generate more inbound marketing leads, and then  integrating marketing automation to manage your sales leads, then you must be on board for personalizing your follow up messages.

Is it hard to do?

Well, it is time consuming. But do you want more new website-driven customers? Then you have no alternative. Because if you don’t send personalized messages based on visitors’ web form answers, you will never convert them to customers. The prospect just won’t see the connection between how they found you and what you say next.

Here’s an example of how I prepared a personalized follow up email marketing campaign to prospects who attended a recent webinar presentation.

At the end of the presentation, I invited attendees to download a special report on my website. One of the questions I asked on the web form was, “Which statement best describes the way you learn new marketing concepts?”

There were 4 answers to choose from. Based on how they answered, they received 1 of 4 email marketing campaigns. Each response received different information, all managed automatically with my database my drip marketing automation technology.

The 4 answers allowed me to easily segment attendees into separate groups. The groups  allowed me to personalize content for them effortlessly.

In my next article, I’ll share tips on how to use drip marketing to follow up on web form responses. To read the first part of this series, go here for Part 1 on how to design a lead-generating website and here for Part 2 on getting the most qualified sales leads from your web forms.

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