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Follow-Up System Drip Marketing Blueprint Workshop

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Attn: Business Owner, Sales Executive, Professional Service Provider, Consultant, Business Coach and Anyone Who Does the Company’s Marketing:

Boost Business In Just 2 Days With Lori Feldman’s Follow-Up System Blueprint Workshop

How long has it been since your customers heard from you?

How long has it been since your customers heard from you?

Learn How You Can Apply Drip Marketing to Your Business to Close More Sales, Recycle Failed Leads and Get More Referrals

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Day 1: Setting up Drip-Marketing Campaigns
Day 2: Creative Messaging
How many of these scenarios are you too embarrassed to admit have happened to you:

  • You follow up with a (former) hot prospect, only to discover your competition just inked the order
  • You’ve missed your quota by a mere 10%–again for the umpteenth month because that last big proposal that was supposed to close, didn’t. You’re sick, sick, sick of it!
  • You have a big database of interested prospects but it’s been at least 3 months since you contacted many of them, and you have no easy way to keep in touch, even if you had the time to do it
  • You believe that if you are *encouraged* to make just one more cold call you will jump out the window
  • You thought about sending out a newsletter but your copywriting skills are so pathetic you couldn’t write a ransom note
  • You thought about sending out a letter, but you end up staring at a blank Word document, waiting for inspiration to spill onto the page and create that winning masterpiece that causes sales to go up 57% next month. (Ha,ha don’t we all!)
  • You managed to send out a successful direct mailing last year, got inundated with leads (most of which fell through the cracks while you pursued the big game) and now you’re un-busy again and don’t know what to do next

It’s Not Your Fault!

Stop! Take a deep-cleansing breath! Repeat 5 times, “I am not a *bad* marketer.”

Yes, you’re time-challenged. Yes, you don’t have a consistent follow-up marketing system (yet).

But did you know there is a secret the “big boys” use to place their follow-ups on auto-pilot and attract more clients to their businesses automatically–without actually doing anymore face-to-face selling than you are already doing? They simply “set it and forget it” and the sales leads and inquiries just keep on coming.

Would you like to duplicate these top producers’ proven methods and elevate your credibility with customers, earn more referrals and pocket higher commissions?

Ask yourself

  • How much more would you enjoy your work if you could eliminate cold call prospecting for the rest of your life?
  • How much more satisfying would your workday be if prospects stopped screening your calls and began regarding you as the subject-matter expert you are-—instead of that dreaded 4-letter word (P-E-S-T)?
  • Most important: What personal enrichment could you promise yourself and your family if you had more time and more income, instead of wasting your days on non-productive, non-selling activities like paperwork, prospecting and customer service? Would you take more vacations? Pay down debt? Treat yourself to spa days or a shopping spree?

Why No One Else Teaches This Stuff

You probably learned in Sales 101 to follow up with prospects until they “buy or die.” Well, guess what? They’ve been teaching that form of “stalking” since the late 19th Century! And every sales organization follows some deviation of these same moldy-oldy sales rules.

The result is that everyone stays in his same dis-comfort level and recycles the belief that if he can work just a little harder, make more calls, bug his prospective buyers just a little bit more than his competitors do, he’ll win the business!

Is that how you would like to be sold?

The reason I created this Workshop is because I use a follow-up system to build my own business. I tired of watching my clients miss out on sales they’re entitled to, if only they knew how to use their database as more than a fancy Rolodex! So I decided to document my own “keep in touch” system into a step-by-step blueprint and teach it to you in my exclusive Follow-Up System Blueprint Workshop.

Implementing a follow-up system with database technology (ACT!, Goldmine or any other database) is so simple, I’m shocked more business professionals don’t use it to capture a competitive advantage.

When I teach my Follow-Up System Blueprint, my clients rave about how much do-it-yourself marketing power I’ve infused into their businesses and how much more enjoyment they have in their jobs now that they know their customers actually value them! (And isn’t that what we all really want? To have customers calling us first because they appreciate and are willing to pay for our knowledge and problem-solving expertise?)

In fact, here’s what a few of my clients have said about this Workshop:

“I think you provided valuable insights into the e-mail marketing process, and you gave some useful tools and techniques for doing it. I haven’t done anything like this in the past, in part because I didn’t have anyone to help me with the structure, the tools and the tactics for organizing and implementing it. Your workshop provided the pathway for getting that done.” – Les Landes, Landes & Assoc.

“Lori’s class was packed full with practical advice and tips that I can immediately apply to my company. It exceeded my goals for taking this class. Thank you!” – Lisa Dinga, Paradigm Shift Studio LLC

“Lori, thanks for sharing your insights in database marketing. You are a wealth of information and I can always count on you to provide honest and helpful suggestions to make my own marketing programs more successful. I feel like Compton has accomplished so much with your help.” – Harriet Schneider, Compton & Sons

“I think after this course with Lori we will be more likely to follow through. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, I’ve learned to break things down into something more manageable.” – Amy Niemeyer, WellnessOne

“Lori is very knowledgeable and capable of explaining a process for effectively marketing your professional services to a variety of potential clients. I have found the information insightful, thought provoking, and action causing.” – Jim Mittler, J. E Mittler & Co.

The fact is, people aren’t always ready to buy when you’re ready to sell.

Without an automated follow-up system, you subject yourself to cold-call fatigue, lost opportunities and career burnout. You never develop more business for yourself than you personally create by meeting one-to-one. Worse, there’s a terrible fall-out to a traditional mindless sales stalking game. While you’re busy pestering anyone who can fog a mirror, some very eager buyers are flying under your radar and becoming low-hanging fruit for your competitors.

Look at these disturbing statistics:

  • It takes at least 12 contacts to convert a prospect into a customer
  • Only 15% of inquiries result in a return phone call from a salesperson
  • 50% of all salespeople quit after only 1 contact
  • Another 40% quit after the 4th contact
  • 50% of all leads result in a sales for somebody!!!
  • 68% of customers stop buying because of indifference
  • 80% of all sales happen after the 4th contact
  • And the most terrifying stat: Your customer is your competitor’s prospect!

So while you’re huffing and puffing trying to follow-up with *everybody* one call at a time, your competition is laser-focused on trying to convert your customers (how many companies feature a shopping list of their customers right on their websites, ripe for the plucking? Could you make it any easier for the competition?)

Here’s what you can do today to break out of the pack and become a highly-respected, sought-after resource for your customers…

I want you to start thinking right now about a totally new way to get more business. So here’s one of my Blueprint secrets for free!

FREE TIP: Set up a 12-touch follow-up system that is based on the proven principle of persistent value-added communication with your clients and prospects.

Networking Follow-Up System

0 daysEmail
0 daysMail capabilities letter
7 daysFollow-up Call, Offer “Tips Sheet”
14 daysEmail 1st Tip
21 daysEmail 2nd Tip
35 daysMail postcard offering a “Free Whitepaper” on your website
42 daysFollow-up Call, “Did you like Tips and/or white paper”
49 daysEmail 3rd Tip
75 daysVoice Mail Presentation & New Info
91 daysFax article of interest
100 daysEmail 4th Tip
120 daysCall for meeting, ask for referral, remove from opportunity

Can you see how compelling this system can be to switch your selling paradigm from “you chasing them” to “them finding you?”

For 2 full days I will reveal all of my tips, tactics and strategies to help you nail down an automated “stay-in-touch system” to generate a steady flow of qualified leads, focus on buyers who have their checkbooks open, and close sales 24/7/365 with less effort, all because you know how to organize and leverage the right tools (your customer database).

If you’ve ever said, “I’ve tried direct mail and it hasn’t worked for me,” don’t worry. This is more than direct mail. I’m going to walk you step-by-step through the process of building a “stay-in-touch” program that includes:

  • Identifying the trigger events in your selling process where leads start leaking (as if in a sieve!)
  • Building a drip-marketing series, from 2 weeks to 2 years long, that will generate the most qualified inquirers every month and guarantee that you will never lose track of a “not now” prospect ever again
  • Writing creative messaging for each stage in your selling process so your message matches your target market and isn’t “one size fits all”.
  • Executing responsive letters, emails and phone scripts that get the maximum return on your time and talent investment, and when to use each one. (One of the biggest secrets in turning around your sales is “the marketing is more important than the message!”)

We’ll start by discussing your goals and your sales process: Do you want more sales? More leads? Do you want to nurture existing customers to buy early and often, convert prospects into first-time buyers or cross-sell other services? How long is your sales cycle? Can we reduce the time to close by 1 month? 2 months? 1 year? The Blueprint paves the way.

Next we’ll evaluate the letters, emails and marketing collateral you use now. We’ll show you what you did right, what needs fixing and how to incorporate all of it into your Follow-Up Blueprint at just the right place and time to get a positive customer reaction. We’ll help you create the missing elements that are standing in the way of you and your big breakthrough to your best sales year yet. You’ll go home with a personalized 2007 Blueprint System clear enough to hand off to a marketing assistant or implement yourself to jump-start sales.

Here’s what to expect from Lori Feldman’s Follow-Up System Blueprint Workshop: Day 1 : Drip-Marketing Blueprint
  • How to Clone Yourself With Clients and Send up to 12,000 Timed Personal Messages Per Year, Without Breaking a Sweat (even when you’re sick or go on vacation)!
  • 3 Critical Mistakes Your Competition is Making, and How You Can Exploit Them
  • The Vital Role of Testimonials, and Why Your Sales Will Stall Without Them
  • How to Identify Your INTERNAL Triggers and Your EXTERNAL triggers. Understand These and Make your Sales Blast off for Good
  • 7 Ways To Plug up the Holes in your Lead Generation Bucket
  • 12 Steps To Becoming the ONLY Vendor of Choice
  • Eliminate your Customers, “Radio Silence” with these 8 “read and respond” direct mail letters and emails
  • 20 “Set it and forget it” Timed, Sequential, Event-Driven Auto-Responder Message Templates You Can Launch Tomorrow

Day 2 : Creative Messaging Blueprint

  • 4 Painless Steps To Writing a Killer Sales Letter in 20 Minutes or Less
  • 5 things you MUST ALWAYS include in your letters to get the maximum response
  • The little-known 4:1 ratio that can sink your email marketing if you choose to ignore it
  • 3 things you MUST NEVER do to avoid File 13, SPAM filters and the DELETE button!
  • FREE Resources for launching personalized email marketing
  • 6 Ways To Get Creative Inspiration, even if You’re a Non-Writer
  • How to Find Out what Your Customers REALLY want, and then Give it To Them EXACTLY as they asked for it
  • 63 Idea Starters for Value-Added Customer Communications
  • WHAT to say and WHEN to say it (and WHAT you should NEVER say to some of your prospects)
  • A copy of the highest revenue-generating sales letter ever written that brought in more than $1 billion over 20 years, and how you can copy its secret formulas for your own business

You may think you don’t have the time or experience to implement a follow-up system in your business right now. Or you may think a Workshop like this is too expensive. If so, here’s my promise to you:


You are entitled to a full 12-month guarantee on the Follow-Up System Blueprint Workshop. If you have not increased your sales at least 10 times your registration fee within 12 months of this Workshop, I will refund 100% of your purchase price, and you keep all the materials. Your decision is the final word. I will simply send you a refund check with no hard feelings. That’s how confident I am that what you will learn and the materials in this course will change the way you follow-up with customers and prospects in your database and help you increase sales in 2007.

“Let’s look at what else you could easily invest this money in instead…”
  • A 3-page sales letter or company brochure written by a copywriter generalist who has no idea about your business or what motivates your customers to buy from you (which none of your customers will read anyway because it will be all about you and your company.)
  • A 2-inch advertisement in a major metropolitan Yellow Pages or business journal. (With no coaching on how to submit an ad that really gets you RESULTS.)
  • A bazillion-week teleseminar series that promises to teach you “marketing”, but by the third week you’re too busy, too tired, and too frustrated to keep up with it. Besides, nothing they teach is in order — what to do first? (AND all the calls are held during your family dinner time or right in the middle of your busy selling time.)

Some business owners think they don’t need a follow-up system because they’ve got salespeople and “that’s what they’re paid to do!” But how many sales do you need to offset an “A Player’s” $125,000/year salary plus benefits? (Not to mention their time-consuming training and ramp-up, then waiting around at least 90 days for sales to start trickling in?)

Executed properly, this Follow-up System Blueprint could help you eliminate 2 mediocre sales people and replace them with 1 really good customer service person! (And what would that be worth to your bottom line?)

Follow-Up System Blueprint Workshop

Why wait? We only have room for 20 students, and registration fills up fast.

I look forward to meeting you in the Workshop!

Lori's Signature
Lori Feldman, “The Database Diva”

P.S. Don’t put off making this very important decision to discover the easy, step-by-step formula for building your own proactive direct response, drip-marketing follow-up program that will boost your business by a minimum of 10 times your registration fee–guaranteed or your money back! (I’ll actually refund your registration fee if you’re unhappy with this Workshop for ANY reason! So what have you got to lose?)

P.S.S. My clients have told me that the feedback from the other students in the Workshop alone is worth the price of admission. These are savvy business people who are highly motivated to improve their bottom line while decreasing the amount of time they spend working IN their businesses. You can become part of this exclusive “Mastermind” group by registering now and claiming your seat.

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