Free 10-Point Drip Marketing Campaign Assessment

Want our drip marketing copywriters to assess your “writing voice” and calls to action in a current campaign or sales funnel?

Ever feel overwhelmed by all of the “puzzle pieces” that need to be included in a *perfect* drip marketing campaign? Wondering how to improve the effectiveness of a lackluster lead nurturing effort in your online sales process?

Tap our “fresh eyes” to critique one of your sales funnels. We’ll make specific recommendations for you to test.

Or if you don’t yet have your first drip marketing campaign in place, we’ll tell you which one to set up first and why.

Quit leaving money on the table!

Simply complete the form on the right to get started. After we review your info, we’ll contact you with our recommendations, documented on an easy-to-implement 10-point checklist that includes…

  • Remove visitors’ confusion over what you want them to do
  • Eliminate barriers to response
  • Incent longer time on site
  • Close sales faster
  • Confirm that you’re “talking” to your true target audience
  • Get our experts’ ideas without paying a dime! (Typically a $400 value)

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