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Good News Case Study

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I just got some great news, and I wanted to share it with you…We just made one of our brand new drip marketing clients lots of money! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are the deets (details):

Our client is a family-owned manufacturing distributorship in the commercial flooring business that’s been in business more than 30 years

  • Their average order is $20,000
  • Their database has 3,250 customers and prospects
  • Their marketing up till now had consisted of sending out a few “safe,” promotional emails a year. But they had just updated their website, so now they wanted to communicate with their loyal contacts consistently and cross-sell them on other products and services.

They asked us to write them a drip marketing campaign. We agreed a drip campaign was a great strategy for them.

First, commercial flooring is a “considered purchase” (it takes a long time to approve this capital expense).

Second, it’s a highly technical purchase that typically involves the purchasing department and the facilities manager.

Lastly, we *knew* they’d knock it out of the park because they’d never done anything like this.

We started by interviewing the founder of the company (who probably forgot more than his entire team ever knew about commercial flooring). He had decades of amazing customer stories.
We wrote the messages in “first person” so they sounded like he was having a conversation with his contacts. And we wrote enough messages that he’ll be able to stay in touch with his list for the next 9 months–automatically.

But when the first message went out this week, the campaign paid for itself!

Message 1 had…

  • An Open Rate of 15.3%
  • A Click-Thru Rate of 1.74%–More than 50 people clicked on the email links and/or visited the website
  • A high Bounce Rate of 18.6% (it had been awhile since these contacts were emailed. His telemarketing department will follow up with these to find replacement contacts.)
  • A 1.21% Opt Out Rate–also high, but will be reviewed to see if they need to find replacement contacts for these as well.
  • And 1 call-in who placed an order! Woo hoo!

While this certainly isn’t typical at the beginning of a long campaign, it’s not unheard of. Which is why EVERY BUSINESS with a customer list should explore automating their marketing!

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