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To learn more about our services and pricing, please schedule a free 10-minute brainstorm session using the orange button on the right side of this page.


Starter Packages

Sales & Marketing Technology Road Map – $500-$1,500

Invite your key management, IT and sales personnel to this meeting–and lock the doors. Over the course of 2 hours, we’ll formulate how to automate your business processes and build out your sales and marketing infrastructure. Your deliverable for this engagement will be a detailed implentation plan–a road map–that identifies the gaps in the steps from lead acquisition to converted new customer. The Road Map includes:

  • * How to set up your marketing database with existing and custom fields
  • * How to segment (tag) your contacts
  • * Recommended web forms
  • * Auto-responders and drip marketing sequences to consider

Your Road Map will be detailed, but tech-jargon-free (ie., your mother could understand it). The Road Map is ready for implementation by you or you can hire us to help implement it with you (see below).

Database Set Up – $700

The following are some of the fundamental “1-time set-up activities” that every marketing technology system needs.  Sometimes the learning curve for doing these is longer than the time it takes to actually do them. Therefore, many of our clients prefer to hire us to do them. The deliverable for this project is completion of the following:

  • * 2 Web Forms – We will set up 2 web forms for your website and provide HTML coding to your webmaster for placement on your web page
  • * 2 Auto-Responders – You will provide us with either a thank-you page URL or copy for a thank-you email for both web pages, and we will set up the 2 auto-responders
  • * List Importation – We will import 1 customer and/or prospect list (any size) that you provide us in an Excel or CSV format. The list must include column headers
  • * Up to 10 custom fields (optional) – Based on your Road Map, you may need to add custom fields to your marketing system. We include up to 10 in this project. If you have more, we will give you a quote for as many as you need.
  • * Database Segmentation / Tagging – What goes in must be tagged. That is how you begin to get away from “all messages to all people” and start personalizing your market with the proper message. Marketers new to marketing automation often confuse database fields with tags. We clarify this for you in the Road Map session and then label your segments for you in this project.

Please ask for a customized quote if you require data conversion from legacy accounting or another database system, if you require more web forms or lists imported or you need help with copywriting.


Strategic Marketing

Nurture Campaigns – Starting at $2,500

Drip marketing campaigns and tagging rules / alerts are the heart of a lead generating marketing database. We will create and implement our campaigns. For details on how we do this, please visit our Drip Marketing Campaign page.

To see how one drip-marketing campaign generated a $25,000 sale in 3 days for one of our clients, please read this drip marketing case study.


Marketing Strategy Coaching – $500-$2,500/mo., 6-mo. min.

For companies who are ready to get serious about tapping into the power of their marketing technology, we schedule a mutually convenient standing bi-weekly meeting lasting 90 minutes. Each meeting has a facilitated agenda based on your goals and deadlines.

We collaborate on these items by variously doing them with you or mentoring you while you do them and provide ongoing marketing strategy for improving results as they come in. After 6 months you will have plugged most of the gaps in your marketing strategy or know what needs to be done to plug them. You will also have mastered your marketing technology and feel comfortable with web forms, landing pages, drip marketing sequences, query rules, and tracking results.

During this engagement, you will have access to marketing strategy expertise and IT implementation and support, if needed.


Hatchbuck Support – $350/year

Hatchbuck gives you unlimited training and technical support, but sometimes you just need a quick consult to answer the “who, what, when, where, why” of marketing automation and getting the most from your campaigns. With this plan, you have unlimited email and call access to us for up to 20 minutes per incident.

We can log into your account to audit a campaign or give you better ROI recommendations; help you figure out tags or tag rules; recommend campaign timing or give  you drip marketing campaign content ideas. This plan is for quick questions, not complex implementation (if you need that, try our monthly mentoring program).