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How and Why To Use a Google Author Profile Picture

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Google Author Profile Picture

Set up your author profile in your Google+ account

Forget most of what you thought you knew about getting ranked in the search engines. The *new* Google-sanctioned approach is publishing helpful content that includes your Google author profile picture.

What is helpful content?

Web pages, blog posts, videos and social updates that your followers want to share. That means publishing stuff that’s so good, it gets forwarded, commented on and linked to. (This explains why so many sites and blogs are now packed with every possible way for you to share their material and why infographics have become a popular form of visual vs. verbiage sharing currency.)

Side Note: In the fashion world, Instagram is so embraced by style mavens starting and sharing trends that bold name fashion designers are mining the images of street fashion for their own runway inspiration. (You may recall that last year, primary Google-rival Facebook, purchased Instagram for $1 billion. No, we can’t all be in the fashion industry with obsessed fashionistas for clients, but we can take a page from their rulebook–or is that look book?)

An easy way to get started on this new mindset (and it is a mindset shift because it requires thinking about what your target audience wants to know instead of pushing what you want to tell them) is to have your author profile picture appear next to your articles in Google search.

Google wants “real people”–not “bots” or spammy, anonymous websites, to do all this content sharing. So having your author information on all your web content increases your credibility and makes you more sharable.

You’ll need a Google+ account to set it up. But once it’s there, you’ll display your mug everywhere you go (including when you leave comments on someone else’s blog or YouTube video).

Think you’re not pretty enough to publish your mug shot? Get over yourself! Then read this funny article about testing which author image to publish.

And if you’re not blogging yet, this change in how Google now rewards good content in its search engine is even more evidence that you should be blogging (or blogging more). More content > more profile info shared on the web > more potential sharers for you.

Not sure how to think up sharable content to write and publish about? Survey your customer database. Customers love telling you what’s on their mind when  you ask.


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