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How “Little Data” Competes with “Big Data” in CRMs

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How Little Data Competes with Big DataIn big companies, big data is all over the place: multiple product channels, multiple websites, various transactional systems. It’s very hard for them to get their arms around the continuing flow of often contradictory customer information without huge, expensive data warehouses and highly paid analysts. For example, a customer may use a social media login credential with one email address to make her first website purchase. Then she may use a different name and email to sign up for daily deals from the same company. Which channel gets the credit for creating the customer? Which email address should the company use to do follow up marketing?  Problem multiplied by millions of customer interactions.

Most small businesses, however, have better control over how customer data is generated: it comes from their (usually 1 or 2 websites) website, database, or accounting/quoting system. By integrating these key assets into an all-in-one sales and marketing automation tool, you can build pre-defined “tracking rules” to trigger a next-step action for you or a prospect.

This is how you leverage Big Data principles in a small business.

For example, today almost every business on the planet with even a minimal marketing presence, gets prospects both online and offline: Phone calls, in-person meetings, website visits/shopping cart orders, responsive email (mobile) or replies to drip marketing messages. What sales and marketing automation does is make these “buying signals” trackable cumulatively and applies a score to prospects who are most active. This kind of “big data” analysis (small caps) would be impossible for a single salesperson or business owner to keep track of across his entire database.

If you’ve got an extra $100K to $1 million, a data warehouse/data analyst is a have-to-have. But on a small business budget, the data warehouse equivalent is marketing automation technology which helps you…

  • Get a 360 degree view of your sales and marketing performance in real time
  • Make more informed business decisions by monitoring your top growth metrics
  • See how contacts interact with your marketing materials: Give them more of the ones they like, remove ones they don’t to improve conversion rates
  • Get notified when important tasks are due
  • Receive hot lead alerts when prospects are ready to buy
  • Cultivate relationships with leads and customers
  • Automatically tag contacts with keywords and phrases that easily segments your database and keeps messaging relevant
  • Respond appropriately to high-value leads, based on prospects’ online behaviors

All this for less than the cost of a monthly mobile data plan. Use my orange “book now” button in the right column to schedule a 10-minute brainstorm to see how your company can benefit from this Big Data equalizer.

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