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How To Find Un-Grouped Contacts your ACT! Database

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ACT! Contact Management Tip:

One of our ACT! users asked: How can I get a list of contacts that do not belong to a specific group? I can lookup a specific group, which I did for a mailing.  Now I want to lookup all other contacts who don’t belong to a group in ACT!  I can’t seem to figure this out.  HELP!

The Answer: ACT! can’t do that. BUT! There is a great little free utility called “Groupless” that will do this. You simply copy the Groupless file into C:/Program Files/ACT/Act for Windows/Plugins. The new options under the Groups menu allow you to do lookups on all un-grouped contacts in your ACT! database.

For more information about this free utility, send an email request to diva at thedatabasediva . com.  (BTW, this utility will not work on the new ACT 2010.)


  1. I have ACT 2010 Premium. Is there another way to look up contacts that are not grouped?

    Eric McKinney

    • Eric, there are 2 options. The first is a free ACT! add-on called Groupless which worked great on older versions of ACT! but is hit or miss on the newer versions. The other one is a pay-for add-on called Advanced Lookup by Group. More info on both group add-ons for ACT! is on this page.

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