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How To Fix 25 Daily Workplace Stressors

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JustLarry Juggling 11-17-08Everyone I know is over-stressed. Those who are looking for jobs are stressed about eating and paying mortgages. Everyone who’s still working is doing at least 3 jobs. Even though they’re thankful to still have jobs, they’re finding it nearly impossible to do them well because they’re juggling too many hot potato projects left behind by their former co-workers.

We can’t control the marketplace. But by decreasing workplace stress from the daily time suck of managing important, but non-urgent tasks, we’re freed to focus on projects that will make a significant positive impact.

I’ve compiled a list of daily stressors that are “fixable.” Resolving these low-grade pains allows companies to achieve bigger goals…like keeping customers happy and your business solvent.

In fact the fix is a universal fix, no matter what kind of business you’re running: It’s customer relationship management (CRM) software, and it’s how companies unites internal communications between sales, marketing and operations. When implemented properly, it’s like adding one (unpaid) staff person per department.

How do you decide when it’s finally time for a CRM solution? Take this stress reduction reality checklist…


  1. Your co-workers monitors are filled up with sticky notes of tasks to complete. Some of them have to do with your projects. You can’t do the next step till they do theirs. This kind of “task list” results in lots of internal email with multiple people being copied “just in case” they want to keep up with the workflow
  2. It’s hard to communicate with remote workers in real time. Email doesn’t work if they’re not online. They need access to alerts and backup customer info to take action.
  3. It’s difficult or impossible for others to schedule meetings with you or for you because they don’t have access to your calendar
  4. Customer information comes into the company from several portals (website, customer service, sales). There’s no system for getting a one-world view of a single customer, which makes the company look disorganized and out of touch


Sending an email marketing blast is like pushing a wet noodle. You must…

  1. Get on the billing department’s schedule because customer information is locked up tight in accounting, and you are not a priority (even though you’re being held accountable for sales and marketing objectives.
  2. IT needs to upload your requested data into your e-marketing platform, but can’t get to it for at least 2 weeks (if ever) because the department is battling the IT meltdown du jour.
  3. You’re working hard everyday (even more now that they’ve let half the department go) but when you review your to-do list at the end of the day, you can’t really scratch anything off


  1. You work remotely and spend a significant part of your day catching up on voice mail and email, and then still have to call the main office to get final details before you can do customer follow ups.
  2. You never know if customer service has handled a complaint before you make your follow-up call
  3. Leads from marketing are cold by the time you receive them
  4. You don’t have enough leads
  5. You don’t have enough leads that are qualified to be sales ready
  6. You’d love to be able to do your own email marketing in your sales territory but you don’t have access to the list or to an easy email service
  7. You’ve got mountains of business cards from the last trade show, but you’re not sure what you should do with them, now that you’ve finished calling the top 5 who asked you to follow up.
  8. You feel like throwing up whenever you hear, “Just open the Yellow Pages; there’s plenty of leads in there!”

Sales Management

  1. You’re tired of reading the same updated Excel spreadsheet sales call reports each week with information that never changes
  2. You know you need to shift sales territories around, but it will be an enormous manual project, so it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the pile
  3. You need a “protected accounts” policy so reps know when you’ll hand off not-contacted accounts to another sales rep, but you don’t have a good system to monitor this
  4. You want a defined sales process that your sales force understands and follows, so all leads in the pipeline are defined by the same parameters and your sales forecasting report is accurate
  5. With better insight into the sales pipeline, you could coach reps on which opportunities to close faster

Does your company resemble any of these daily stressors? If so, remember, they’re all fixable.

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