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Living In a Parallel Universe

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Swiftpage Certified ConsultantI feel like I’m living in a parallel universe to the economic headlines du jour. Our company is busier than we’ve been all year, numbers are up over last year, and this month I have 6 speaking engagements on database marketing (I usually book one a month).

Aviva also won–for the 2nd year in a row–the APEX Award for Newsletter Writing Excellence and we earned one of only 10 coveted Swiftpage Certified Consultant designations. Email marketing is still a force, and Swiftpage’s new Drip Marketing program is an incredible business booster.

I attribute all this activity to the uber-marketing Golda and I did all year. If your business is “shaky” and you’re thinking about hunkering down, DON’T! Instead, pump up the volume on your marketing, and forget you’re in the fill-in-the-blank business. For now–and for the foreseeable future–you’re in the MARKETING business.

For example, Golda attends weekly networking events, and we add her new contacts to our database so they receive this “Hotwire” and other drip marketing campaigns.

I painstakingly drilled down (segmented our database) so I can send really personalized and relevant messages to you.

October is my “plan-next-year’s-marketing” month. I’m so excited about all the new projects I’m working on. For starters, I’m publishing my first database marketing how-to book. I’m not ready to unveil the title yet, but I believe I’m on the cutting edge of a big marketing trend that every business will try next year. Stay tuned. As a “Hotwire” reader, you’ll be alerted first when it publishes.

Second, we have officially opened a Kansas City branch of Aviva LLC (dba The Database Diva). As lovely as it is to work around the country via the miracle of remote desktop access, it’s always nice to do eyeball-to-eyeball sales calls, too. If you know anyone in Kansas City who needs a high-performance customer database or wants to set up drip marketing campaigns, please let me know.

How is your business faring right now? (My economic recovery tip: Stop watching 24-hour news stations! Your blood pressure will lower at least 20 points instantly.) Please take this anonymous poll:

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