Free Marketing Automation Software Review

What’s the “best” marketing automation software for running drip marketing campaigns? Are you satisfied with your marketing automation software or would you like to find out if another one can do everything on your wish list? Are you jumping into marketing automation for the first time, and you want to see what the options are?

The Database Diva has worked with more than 3,000 clients and their email marketing and marketing automation platforms. While we have our “favorites,” we are confirmed software agnostics. Instead we look for the best solution to supports our strategic approach to getting you maximum marketing automation ROI–or the platform you already have and like!

However, we continually review the top e-marketing automation software platforms (more are launched into the marketplace everyday) to keep up with new releases, features and integrations. We’ve used and/or reviewed more than 100 so far.

Just like tennis shoes, there’s practically a software solution for every business model.

Request a Free Marketing Automation Review if you…

  • Have never used marketing automation software and want help narrowing the field to the top 3 that will work best for your requirements
  • Are dissatisfied with  your current platform and want assistance to select and migrate to a new one
  • Need guidance on how to integrate your CRM, marketing automation software and website


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