Marketing Automation Software Setup

The following are some of the fundamental “1-time set-up activities” that every marketing technology system needs.  Sometimes the learning curve for doing these is longer than the time it takes to actually do them. Therefore, many of our clients prefer to hire us to do them. The deliverable for this project is completion of the following:

  • 2 Web Forms – We will set up 2 web forms for your website and provide HTML coding to your webmaster for placement on your web page
  • 2 Auto-Responders – You will provide us with either a thank-you page URL or copy for a thank-you email for both web pages, and we will set up the 2 auto-responders
  • List Importation – We will import 1 customer and/or prospect list (any size) that you provide us in an Excel or CSV format. The list must include column headers
  • Up to 10 custom fields (optional) – Based on your Road Map, you may need to add custom fields to your marketing system. We include up to 10 in this project. If you have more, we will give you a quote for as many as you need.
  • Database Segmentation / Tagging – What goes in must be tagged. That is how you begin to get away from “all messages to all people” and start personalizing your market with the proper message. Marketers new to marketing automation often confuse database fields with tags. We clarify this for you in the Road Map session and then label your segments for you in this project.

Please ask for a customized quote if you require data conversion from legacy accounting or another database system, if you require more web forms or lists imported or you need help with copywriting.