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Formula for More Sales = Website + Marketing Database + Good Story To Tell

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Marketing Database

If you have a website, a database and a good story to tell, you are sitting on a gold mine

If you have a website, a database and a story to tell,  there are at least 5 database marketing strategies you’re overlooking that if executed would fill the gaps where you’re leaving money on the table.

Since the beginning of the year, I have worked on 5 special projects that are great case studies for growing a business from nowhere to somewhere in a very short period of time. One is an internet-based business, but the others are real “brick and mortar” companies.

These projects are in very different markets. Because I am working in completely different industries at the same time, I am seeing core principles that are not obvious, but are critical to your success.

Below is a short description of the work I’m doing.

1. Manufacturing Software Rep – How do you jumpstart a new software platform for the manufacturing trade with gobs of enterprise-level competitors and no “brand” name? Although our client had 30 years of experience in the industry, this was essentially a “start-up” product. But, he had a good list from several trade shows, and that’s where we started. We interviewed he and the software developer to find out the company’s “why” message, then wrote a customized drip marketing campaign that addressed very technical aspects of the software in easy to understand language. The call-to-action was a software demo.

After only 60 days our client told us,  “I cannot express how well this campaign has performed so far… best lead generation that I’ve had in the last 10+ years. Obviously, you’ll continue to guide me and drive the campaign as necessary to protect against response drop-off, but I just wanted to express my pleasure with what we have done thus far and the results to date.” Let’s just say, his calendar and his sales funnel are full.

2. Manufacturer – Manufacturers are not typically known for their marketing savvy. This client had done no marketing in 50 years, other than build a “brochure website” about 10 years ago. They’d been around so long that “everyone” knew them…or so they thought. We spent a month or so helping them update their website, adding things like a “get a quote” button and lots of before and after images. Then we set out to cross-sell their existing customers on all the other services the company could offer that they were likely unaware of. Within the first month of their marketing outreach, incoming orders were way up and production was almost to capacity. (In fact, they asked us to slow down the marketing so they could catch up).

3. Training/Special Events Company – This company needed a consistent way to follow up with inquiries to its website for training and consulting. It also lacked a pre- and post-trade show follow-up system to market to all its leads. I wrote drip marketing copy they used to launch 2 campaigns. One trade show follow-up message generated a $14,000 order in a single day.

4. Business Services Company – This company sells a product that his customers “don’t know exist” so no one knows to look for it on the internet.  Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) was not working to generate sales leads. (Yes, believe it or not, there are still MANY products and services like this in the offline world, and F2F (face-to-face) meetings still work best to sell them.)

I recommended a more traditional marketing approach that included:

Within 2 weeks of the first campaign launch, the project generated $20,000 in revenue. This formula continues to bring in consistent revenue, even as my client has expanded his business model to other target audiences. (BTW, I wrote the ad, interviewed and hired his telemarketer. Then I trained her properly to maximize my client’s sales opportunities. Every detail is strategy).

5. E-Commerce Site – This client sells a single downloadable product to a very specific niche market online. Traffic to the website was high but she believed she was not converting enough of that traffic to sales. We worked to make her site “stickier” and began a “re-marketing” initiative to give non-buyers a second bite at the apple. Sales conversions increased by 15% the first month and continue to tick upward.

The commonality among each of these projects was the story they had to tell. While not the same story, they all had laser-focused examples that resonated with their target audiences. In fact, their stories were so powerful when told to the right people at the right time, their products “practically sold themselves.”

If you are struggling to find more sales, marketing automation will help you leverage key assets you already have: your website, your marketing database and a good story to tell.

If you want to know how, contact us for a free brainstorm session.

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