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Get More Web Leads by Adding More Web Forms

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Growing a list of eager buyers is top priority for most website marketers. To do that you need lots of workhorse offers (more offers = more leads), landing pages and easy to complete lead-capture forms.

One tip for getting more web leads is to get web visitors to finish completing more landing page web forms. Try making your submit buttons more appealing. For example, ditch the default SUBMIT or SUBSCRIBE text. Replace it with an active call to action (CTR) that continues and reinforces the value proposition of your offer.

For example, try a button phrase like, “Get the Free Report”, “Get Updates,” Get the Diagnostic.” The word “GET” is a great, self-serving action verb for intrigued web visitors.

Visitors always weigh their desire for your free, downloadable info against their need for privacy–and reluctance to add more junk to their inboxes or to receive a sales call before their ready for one.  An enticing call-to-action button won’t jerk them back to reality after being sold on your reasons why they can’t sleep until they get your incentive.

Make this month’s goal to get 10% more web forms submitted than you did last month.

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