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Fax Broadcasting From Contact Management Software

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Can I Send and Receive Faxes from my ACT! Database?

Yes! With MyFax for ACT! Software

Add another dimension to your database marketing mix with fax broadcasting, right from your ACT! database. MyFax™ is an Internet-based fax service that lets you send and receive faxes directly within ACT!. With MyFax you can: (i) view received faxes directly within ACT! for up to 365 days; (ii) save received faxes to the History of a Contact; (iii) track the History of faxes sent to a Contact, (iv) broadcast fax documents to an unlimited number of your Contacts; and (v) mail merge ACT! templates to personalize your fax broadcast.

MyFax eliminates the need to purchase WinFax PRO, Microsoft Fax or any other software – and no need for a fax machine and everything that goes with them, like supplies, dedicated lines, busy signals and long distance charges. And no more paper. Plus you can track your results like you can with other communication strategies:

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Download Plug-In for ACT here. You must already have an account before you can download the plug-in.

MyFax Key Features:

  • Toll Free Fax Numbers. Available in Canada and US. No extra charge. Local numbers available in select North American cities.
  • Extends Internet functionality. Send and receive faxes from your existing email account and from the web. No added software or hardware required.
  • Global. Fax to any fax number worldwide.
  • Always On. Receive faxes whether your computer is on or off.
  • Private and Secure. Faxes arrive in your private email inbox and online.
  • Add Custom Cover Pages. Personalize your faxes. Include your company logo.
  • Flexible. Fax from up to 3 different email addresses.
  • Microsoft Office Integration. Send faxes directly from Microsoft Office 2003.
  • Multiple Recipients. Send faxes to 9 destinations in one shot.
  • Attach Documents. Fax PDF and spreadsheets + 176 other document types.
  • Delivery Confirmation. Confirmations are sent to your email address.
  • Electronic faxes reduce paper waste. Faxes arrive as professional PDF or TIF documents. Print them, forward them, or file them digitally on your computer.
  • Schedule Delivery. Send faxes at a scheduled date and time.
  • Auto Resend. Failed transmissions are automatically reattempted twice.
  • Online Storage. Store faxes online for up to 365 days. Easily retrieve lost faxes.
  • Web Reporting. Online account-management tools – add users, modify accounts and customize settings and options.
  • FREE Customer Support. Help when you need it, FREE, 24/7.

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Download Plug-In for ACT here. You must already have an account before you can download the plug-in.

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  1. A Fax component of CRM software is very important for closing and sending contracts. Faxes seem to be more official and professional in some business to business situations.

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