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Why We *Suddenly* Changed our Business Model

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A little over 2 months ago, The Database Diva partnered with Ken Quigley of Keystroke Quality Computing, to take over our:

The hand off has been a very smooth transition (as many of our clients have reported back!) Todd Viau, our VP of Technology, is even helping Ken during the transition. Many of you commented how pleased you were that you still got to work with him to resolve your ACT problems.

So why would we *suddenly* change our business model so dramatically after 10 years in the list of the “top 50” successful ACT Software resellers worldwide?

5 reasons we *suddenly* changed our business model that really aren’t so *sudden*

  1. Ken is the #1 ACT Reseller in all of North America. With online software sales becoming ever more competitive, we would have bumped against his wholesale buying power (or bumped against numbers 2 – 49 in the reseller food chain!), because Swiftpage rewards high-volume resellers with the lowest resale prices.  (That’s a hot tip, btw, the next time you’re ready to buy new licenses or upgrade–buy software from a top reseller).
  2. While we were always in the “top 50” in software sales, we’ve been #1 in Swiftpage Email sales for the past 5 years. Even other ACT consultants hire us to help them with email and drip marketing campaigns.
  3. Database marketing has always been our core competency. Selling database software was a means to this end for us. (See our definition of database marketing below).
  4. With more requests coming to us from clients who wanted our help with their “digital marketing strategies”…such as how to make their CRM talk to their website and vice versa, we finally had to make a choice about what kind of business we wanted to be: A software reseller/ACT help shop…OR a strategic marketing partner. We chose the latter.
  5. Lastly, while we’ll continue to support our ACT and Swiftpage customers and promise we’ll never abandon you, we’ve been very disappointed in Swiftpage’s purported ability to keep up with cloud technology AND its ability to integrate its sales and marketing solutions seamlessly. Over the past few years we lost many loyal ACT clients who got tired of waiting for the next patch, the next feature, the next error fix, having to upgrade to fix a problem or wait for a reliable mobile app they could use on any mobile device. Sadly, our clients loved us, but outgrew ACT. It was time for us to make a change, too.

In our new FULL-TIME business model, we help our clients

  • Grow their companies with proven database marketing strategies and
  • Select “the perfect” all-in-one sales and marketing software–whether it’s ACT or something more modern, ie., cloud-based

Database marketing takes the market intelligence you collect in your CRM and on your website and uses it to create personalized interactions with your customers and prospects via email and drip marketing, dynamic website content, targeted blog posts, and laser-focused social media.”

(You may have heard the buzzword, “inbound marketing,” so-called because it generates demand by people contacting you to learn about and buy your product/service, rather than you contacting them via outbound marketing, like telemarketing, yellow pages (does anyone really advertise in the yellow pages anymore?), direct mail, newspaper or radio/TV ads.)

How do you know if you need database marketing?

See if any of these strike a chord for you. If so, schedule a 10-minute brainstorm session with me. I’ll give you feedback on your ideas or throw out a few of my own that are proven to work your kind of business.

  • You’ve outgrown ACT
  • You have a robust, “name-brand” CRM, but you have no idea what to do with it to make more $
  • You want to “pay as you go” to get help monetizing your CRM
  • Your website doesn’t “talk” to your CRM
  • You have 3-5 separate software tools to handle contact management, email marketing, web forms and online tracking.
  • You’re thinking about getting a new website, but you’d rather put your $ into tweaking what you’ve got till it delivers more leads
  • You need more leads but your sales strategy isn’t working and you think Google Adwords is too expensive
  • You have too many leads coming from your website and no good way to manage and nurture them till they buy
  • You think you “should be doing social media” but you’re clueless, skeptical, and have no time to research/test it
  • You’re looking for an “under the radar” competitive advantage that generates new leads and sales

The fact is, Todd and I have researched more than 50 CRM and marketing automation software solutions for the past 3 years. We have worked with clients in the non-ACT-world since we started our company in 2004. Our motto is “Strategy before Tactics.” Software is tactics. The “perfect” solution should combines CRM sales automation + online marketing automation + website sales lead behavior tracking…and not break the bank.

Ready to hear more? Contact us for a 10-minute brainstorm session or a 30-minute software demo.


  1. Lori, I’m delighted that you and Todd will be there with even MORE targeted support and suggestions to help us reach our markets more effectively and efficiently.

    Looks like your *sudden* move will be VERY successful!

  2. Congratulations Lori and Todd. You are a great team and I’m sure will continue to deliver quality solutions to your clients.

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