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Outgrown Swiftpage and/or Act! emarketing?

Outgrown ACT Software?

Act! or Swiftpage User: Is this you…?

  • Spending 2 hours of valuable time to perfect your email templates?
  • Frustrated at the wonky way your emails read on mobile devices?
  • Annoyed with too basic reporting that limits your insight?
  • Wishing you could know if your email was sending traffic to your website or what they’re doing when they get there?
  • Hoping to find an easier way to make money with your database?
  • Introduce a reliable mobile app you can use on any mobile device?
  • Stop living with bugs that have plagued every past “version” or making you upgrade to fix a “known issue”?
  • Need something less “clunky”?
  • Want your sales and marketing software to be smarter than you and tell you automatically when prospects get hot enough to buy? (Yes, it’s possible…just not with Act! emarketing or Swiftpage Email).

Here’s the solution you’ve been looking for!

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