The Database Diva says there are 9 must-have drip marketing campaigns that every business needs to plug up a leaky sales funnel. But often there isn’t time to design a sales workflow and write lead nurturing sales copy for each one. No sweat! We’ve blueprinted your drip marketing campaign workflow and written your copy for you. Pop these messages into any marketing automation tool (including Outlook or Gmail). The Blueprints are similar to the ones we use in our office that generate more leads and sales, and are designed to be plug-and-play with only minor customization for your business or industry.

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  • Drip Marketing Whole Enchilada Package

    "Your drip marketing is brilliant...remind me to send some of the email responses I am getting." - Ian Goodwin,

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  • Event or Trade Show Sales Lead Follow Up

    "Thank you Lori, I'm looking forward to working on this second drip campaign for my business. The event follow up campaign I purchases worked well as I received several calls and requests for 4 proposals so far. Now, I'm needing to follow up better with the proposals sent. - Désirée H. Young, Venture Walk, US

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  • How To Breathe Life into an Inactive Customer

    ...they liked you once, let's discover the truth about why they left and what you must do to win them back again.

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  • Lost a Sale? Here’s How To Close the Next Sales Opportunity

    ...could we steal the prospect or customer back?

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  • Maximizing Business Networking Follow-up

    … maximize referral opportunities from contacts you meet at live events

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  • New Customer Welcome Letters

    ...keeping new customers engaged.

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  • Pack-Your-Event Marketing Letters to drive attendance to your event.

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  • Rapid Follow Up for Web Leads

    ...engaging the prospect while they are hot

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  • Sales Prospecting to Cold Contacts

    ...Icebreakers to help you get your foot in the door "We got 4 out of 5 responses on the first day with your drip marketing letters! 3 positives and a meeting!" - Brian Posnanski, Traffic PRM

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  • Secrets of Closing More Sales Proposals with Amazing Follow-up with closing the deal

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