Swiftpage Email, Surveys and Drip Marketing Support


Here’s how it works:

You call us for help. We answer our phones and help you. (What a concept, right?) Support includes:

* 12 Months of Swiftpage Help – $350.00 (less than $30/month!) – Help includes things like helping you troubleshoot software and template issues, launching drip marketing campaigns, tracking results, downloading your scores, metrics, deciphering what all the numbers mean, making recommendations on how to build your list, write better content, set up web forms on your website
* 20 Minutes per incident
* 30% VIP discount for longer consulting
* Free Bi-Weekly Swiftpage Group Training ($700 value)
* Unlimited Calls, Emails, Skyp Chats, up to 20 minutes per call
* Help with both Swiftpage Email and Drip Marketing modules

Support does not include us “doing it for you,” complete campaign integration, creating/editing content (altho we will give you a thumbs up or down)


How this is different from getting a Business Care support plan through Swiftpage Act…

  1. We answer our phones when you call
  2. We know how to solve your issue on the first call 95% of the time.
  3. We have multiple ways for you to reach out to us: phone, email, Skype chat.
  4. Our Support Plan is not tied to your ACT licenses. We don’t care what version of ACT you have. We will help you with your SwiftpageConnect e-mail or drip marketing campaigns regardless of ACT version or whether your Business Care is active or not.


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