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Proof that Social Networking Works

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Compelling ideas always find a market. (How else to explain how 70 strangers showed up for this improv?)

Frequently we don’t see an immediate reward for original thinking. But there isn’t always an action > reaction or a risk > reward payoff. Good ideas are cumulative, or as I read somewhere, “you can’t see grass grow, but you still have to mow the lawn.” It doesn’t make the idea any less compelling or worthy of a test.

A lot of people (and a lot of my peers) don’t understand why they should participate in social networking, like blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. They think if they can’t see an immediate payoff to the bottom line, it’s not worth the investment of time and talent.

In the 1980s, I sold a “new media” of the day called direct mail coupons. My biggest competition was fear. Coupons weren’t traditional media like newspapers, radio, TV. Retailers couldn’t *see* how this media could work for them because they’d never tried it (or knew anyone who had.)

But direct mail couponing offered enormous cost savings over “solo” direct mail and targeted the sweet spot 3-mile radius that every retailer coveted without paying extra for wasted distribution (like getting 1 million TV eyeballs when all you care about are the ones in your own backyard). For 3 cents per mailbox delivery, a merchant could make an offer with a built-in tracking mechanism. With a strong offer, he could rack up an impressive number of coupon redemptions ( traffic and conversions) and recoup his investment within 10-15 days. Pretty darn sophisticated back then.

Today, traditional media is sounding its death knell and direct mail has morphed into direct marketing, which has claimed social media as its own. You tell me if there’s a future in social networking.

Just leave a comment (to essentially prove my point).

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