Quiz: Should You Use Drip Marketing To Sell Your Product or Service?

Drip marketing via marketing automation software is a wonderful strategy for generating more qualified leads and adding incremental top-line revenue. Once you set up your campaigns, they run virtually forever.

But will drip marketing work for your business? Is marketing automation software worth the never-ending investment of time and resources? It’s not a home run for everyone. Take this quiz to find out. Add up all your YES answers and check your score at the end.

Marketing Automation Quiz

  1. Do you have a specific target audience for your product or service? (ie., not “everybody”?)
  2. Do you have a list of people with email addresses in a CRM or a continuous flow of prospects submitting forms on your website?
  3. Have you ever had customers or prospects fall into a black hole due to poor follow up?
  4. Do your customers or prospects *know you*? (ie., did they opt in to your list? Or have you met them / talked to them in person or by phone?)
  5. Does your product or service have a long selling cycle (3 months or longer)?
  6. Does purchasing your product or service require “committee” or team approval?
  7. Do you get repeat business from the same customers?
  8. Do you have additional products/services you can sell to current customers?
  9. Do you understand the business case behind your prospect’s purchase?
  10. Do you understand the emotional reasons behind your prospect’s purchase?
  11. Do you have a defined sales process for handling sales leads? (Would your salespeople agree with you?)
  12. Do marketing and sales agree on the definition of a qualified lead?
  13. Can you sign your name on your drip marketing messages (or would they need to be signed by someone else in your company?)
  14. Do you have direct customer contact (or access to staff members who do?)
  15. Does your product or service cost at least $1,500?
  16. Would you be comfortable nurturing your sales leads and inquiries for 90 days to 2 years without being “salesy”?
  17. Have you communicated with your list in the last 90 days?
  18. Do you have a dedicated “marketing automation champion” and/or “content marketing manager” who will “feed the beast” (your marketing technology) with continuous, relevant, original content and monitor your system’s results to make continuous improvement course corrections?

Score your Drip Marketing Quiz

11-18 YES ANSWERS: If you’re not currently running drip marketing campaigns, you’re leaving money on the table. And if you are, add more triggered follow-up sequences. The more you nurture every phase of your buying process, the faster you’ll dismiss the competition, engage your prospects and close sales. Yours is exactly the kind of business we can help make money with a marketing automation strategy. Let’s schedule a free Brainstorm Session and we’ll give you insight into how we’d help you nail this strategy.

6-10 YES ANSWERS: Drip marketing might work for your business, but it may take a combination of buy-in from other company stakeholders and/or some customer research to find your unique selling proposition. An easy way to test this concept would be to find your top 5 most-read blog posts, and turn them into 1-off emails sent to a test group once a week for 5 weeks. If you get decent engagement, it may be worth formalizing a drip marketing campaign and investing in marketing automation software.

0-5 YES ANSWERS: Drip marketing is not for you–if you expect a sales ROI. It may still work as a relationship nurturing tool because you’d probably get some brownie points from customers and prospects. So that may make it an interesting strategy to test. But you may be able to really leverage a strong email marketing plan. Watch our Treasure Triangle video to see how the e-marketing puzzle pieces fit together.